Form your squad

We invented Squad Management. Join a squad when you register and tell your friends to join yours or register for them to build your team.

At first everything is quiet...

...mostly quiet. The crackling of leaves under your boots defies your silence—you slow your steps, then pause.


Tucked low, you edge a few steps forward. A careless enemy is in the brush ahead. Kneeling down you find some cover behind a felled tree. Steadying your rifle, you target his shoulder in your sights—it's the only clear shot. You exhale, but before you pull the trigger a whizzing sound rips past your left ear.

You've been been spotted.

You dart your eyes left, then right, then another round whizzes by. You refocus the brush, but your target is gone. Your squad presses forward and opens fire. It's not so quiet anymore.

Titan Consulting

Get the most out of your ops.

Are you an event manager? With years of experience, Ross Kortgardner is the expert at running an operation. He will travel onsite to either run or assist your op to maximize player immersion, get the most out of your props, and motivate player involvement. Ask Ross About Consulting.

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