Titan Milsim (Formerly JTAC Milsim)

We are a military simulation company that hosts large-scale war game and training scenarios. We host our events at a wide variety of realistic settings across the country — including military training facilities and invite-only areas of operation. Our games are fast-paced, and each fighting squad plays a critical role in the outcome of every battle. We’re confident you’ll absolutely love our immersive experience.

Our purpose as a production company is to build a strong community of people who wish to train and further their abilities in the field at locations near and around the Rocky Mountain Region. We are dedicated to producing airsoft weapon based events that are fun, yet accurate simulations of scaled-down military strategies. Our goal is not only to produce training events at a variety of locations but also cater to multiple age groups and experience levels.

Our mission is to produce quality airsoft training events by:

  • Hosting varied operation, skirmish, and small engagement training events
  • Keeping up-to-date of current, real, military strategies, and squad-based tactics
  • Utilizing social media and local retailers to direct event promotions