Titan “Vets”

Who are the Titan Milsim “Vets”?

Titan “Vets” are a group of players comprised of current and former military members and civilians who have extensive experience with JTAC/Titan Milsim events and other milsim operations around the country. These players have attended numerous games and supported our efforts to host unforgettable events through dedication, professionalism, and sportsmanship. Years of partnership with the JTAC/Titan Milsim staff,makes them familiar with our gameplay styles, rules, operation formats, and fields. During games, the Vets will assume leadership roles to help direct their respective factions to victory, facilitate gameplay, and moderate where needed. Our objective is to provide quality airsoft and milsim experiences, and we’re grateful for the Titan Milsim Veterans’ help. Check out their bios and be sure to look for them on the field!

Karl Urban, BB Dynamics

Colorado Springs Colorado

Chris Barr

Centennial Colorado
Been to numerous national events across the country, he has shown honor and sportsmanship in the Airsoft. Has Commanded and lead numerous JTAC/Titan Games over the last 5 years. 10 years of Airsoft experience makes him an Airsoft Veteran.

Wayne Stough

From Grand Junction Colorado
Joined the army in 2005 as 14S Avenger crew member (Stinger missile system) first duty station was camp Casey Korea served as a avenger crew member after leaving Korea in 2007 was stationed in FT Lewis WA where he later deployed to Bagdad Iraq from 07-08 as a gunner in a force protection platoon in 2010 deployed to Balad Iraq and served as a section sergeant in a Counter rocket and mortar (CRAM) platoon. His last deployment would be in 2013-2014 as a squad leader in a force protection platoon in Bahrain/Jordan.
Wayne Started playing airsoft in 2012 during this time founded western Colorado Milsim in grand junction Colorado once out of the army in 2014 Wayne and his team started attending large scale Milsim operations. one of the first ops was Eurasia prime hosted by JTAC Airsoft from that point Wayne and his team have attended several JTAC operations where Wayne has taken a leadership role as a squad leader for leatherback, red scorpion, jackal 1 jackal 2 dragons keep 1 and 2 Wayne’s goal is to help provide leadership, propose direction and coordination while motivating others on the field.


Playing Airsoft since 2011, from California to Hawaii, Colorado and Wyoming
Loves making friends that share the honor and interest of the sport. “If I can have a new friend by the end of the day; that was a good game for me.” Milsim: Attended Road to Rostov Milsim event organized by Milsim West. Multiple other Milsim events with JTAC in Wyoming and Colorado, including Jackal, Dragon’s Keep events. Participated as Squad Leader in Jackal I. Participated as Platoon Leader in Dragon’s Keep III. Life member of Mike Force Airsoft Club, Monterey, CA
Recondo School: Graduated from Recondo School, Class 12-02. Class instructed by Retired Green Beret Operator, Mr. Steven King DC, member of the Special Forces Association, Chapter XIV Monterey California, and Commanding Officer of Mike Force Airsoft Club.
Military Experience: Army of Chile: Served as a Sapper with a Mechanized Infantry Regiment. U.S. Navy Reserve: Serves as a Radioman with a Battalion of U.S. Navy Seabees.