What is Milsim? (Military Simulation)

Two armies battle each other in large, realistic settings. Each army can have hundreds of combatants, and the performance of each player counts towards the final result of the battle. Imagine riding a deuce and a half to the edge of a town where you and your friends dismount and form into squads; you approach the village in a wedge formation, with overwatch snipers covering your advance. You make it through machine gun fire to the edge of a house filled with enemy soldiers. Your squad stacks up, you toss a grenade through the door, and you breach the room to explosions, gunfire, and chaos. You snap off two headshots as you clear the door, and your best friend gets it all on camera… As airsoft players, these are the moments we live for. Our mission at Titan is to deliver these moments to every single player at every single event.

WHY PLAY CoD when you can get off the couch and do the real thing!